Monday, 2 April 2012

Meeting ARB

I had a very successful meeting with Beatrice Fraenkel, Chair and Alison Carr, Registrar and Chief Executive from Architects' Registration Board along with Francesca Berriman, Chief Executive of CIAT.

Our relationship grows from strength to strength.

Alison, myself and Beatrice


  1. Please can you help me, my mortgage lender is saying my architectural technologist who is doing my warranty on my new house has to be a member of the ARB, but he is only a member of the CIAT and now the won't lend, but I thought there is a different between an architect and an architectural technologist that means they only have to be with the ciat? Can you confirm this for me? Thano you so much

  2. Hello Callum

    Your Chartered Architectural Technologist is able to sign off your warranty - anybody with MCIAT can do this. Only architects have to be a member of ARB as per the law.

    If you continue to have a problem then please contact our Practice Department - who will sort this out for you.

    Colin Orr PPCIAT MCIAT