Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Meeting with CHOBE

Yesterday, I attended an excellent meeting with Council of Heads of the Built Environment (CHOBE).

CHOBE supports and represents those with strategic responsibility for the development and delivery of graduate and postgraduate education and research within the disciplines of construction, property and surveying.

It provides -
• Networking opportunities for Heads and their colleagues to share and inform each other in respect of knowledge and good practice.
• A means of mutual support at individual and institutional level.
• A forum in which to discuss and solve problems of mutual concern.
• The opportunity to foster relationships to achieve educational and research aims.
• Representation on professional bodies and other organizations in order to strengthen knowledge of the disciplines and their contribution to the economy and to lobby on behalf of our members; and
• The primary point of consultation by external stakeholders for education in our sector.

It comprises Heads of Schools/Departments in UK universities responsible for research, knowledge transfer and learning in the fields of construction, property and surveying whose aim is to work with colleagues to ensure that built environment disciplines are well supported within educational institutions and to act as a representative body.

CIAT and CHOBE were in discussions about how the two organisations can work together for the benefit of both CHOBE constituents and CIAT’s universities and its members.


  1. Excellent blog Colin. One point I find is that universities often publish useful research documents relating to construction, but people working in construction only find out about them accidentally, if at all. A common portal for publishing details of construction research would be very useful.

  2. Thank you Michelle and I agree with you. CIAT launched a new Student Award this year for the Technical Report and the work of our three winners can be seen here: