Friday, 31 May 2013

CIC Members' Conference and AGM

Celebrating 25 years, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) held its conference and AGM on 23-24 May for its members.

The two day event held at Ashorne Hill in Warwickshire included the AGM, an informal dinner, presentations and workshops. The keynote speaker at the dinner was Peter Hansford, Chief Construction Adviser, who gave us his vision for moving the industry forward.

The workshop identified the importance of CIC and the way it brings together Institutes to address issues as one on subjects such as sustainability and the Green Deal. It was very useful to network with like minded individuals and raise awareness of common issues which affect the built environment,

CIC is a great catalyst for driving built environment issues and is important for ensuring that all its members, including CIAT, are treated equally with a common voice.

Also good to catch up with Graham Watts OBE HonMCIAT, former Chief Executive of CIAT before he left to become Chief Executive of CIC in 1991.

Networking with fellow professionals

With Richard Habgood and Liz Reading from CIC

Taking part in the workshop

Graham Watts at the AGM

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