Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My last day as President and hand on the baton to Karl Grace

16 November 2013 - my final day as President. The AGM was held successfully at Kings Place in London. A very nice venue and good to see so many Members, old and new alike.

In reflecting and reviewing my two-years as President, I have been privileged to represent CIAT and the discipline of Architectural Technology. My two years have been incredibly special; I have had some of the most amazing experiences. The Institute is very special.

I have now passed on the baton to Karl Grace whom I know shares an incredible passion and drive that my predecessors and I have shared.

Karl, as practitioner and a former Honorary Secretary, will bring with him his skills and experiences to take CIAT and Architectural Technology through its continued growth as set out within the Strategic Plan. Karl has been an active member for many years starting as Councillor for the West Midlands Region before becoming Honorary Secretary for 12 years, as such he has vast knowledge and understanding of the operation of the Institute. Karl has also been involved with the Institute within a taskforce for Practice, which looks at the documents for the practising members.

Karl will be privileged to lead the Institute through its 50th Anniversary celebrations.

I wish Karl the very best and every success as President.

I now close this blog after two years and hope that you have enjoyed my ramblings and given you an insight into my two years in office. I now serve as Immediate Past President for a year and join the elite group of Past Presidents.

Handing over to Karl Grace PCIAT

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