Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Meetings galore!

An integral part of the Institute is the work of all members within our Committees and Taskforces - who of whom are giving their time in a voluntary capacity.

19 June was a Professional Practice Interview Assessors Feedback Session, Chaired by Chris Pike PPBIAT MCIAT. Here we had discussion about membership progression and the robustness of the interview.

CIAT Assessors at the meeting
Executive Board met on 21 June, Professor Sam Allwinkle PPBIAT MCIAT presented about his work on what I view as my 'baby', the membership futures work. Legislation issues within the Republic of Ireland was also a high priority.

Executive Board: Honorary Secretary, President and Immediate Past President

The following day was my first experience of the all important Conduct Committee - the heartbeat to our professional integrity.

The Conduct Committee: myself, Robert Davey MCIAT, Robin Dodyk MCIAT, Robert Hill MCIAT, Gordon Souter MCIAT and Kathy Thurman MCIAT

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